Porn taped at Indiana University 'Shane's World' angers officials

Associated Press

Nov. 23, 2002

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- Indiana University officials said they will review a pornographic movie shot on campus before deciding whether to take legal action.

But first, they might need to reserve a copy.

An adult video store in the school's hometown said it's already getting calls for the movie even though the film has not yet been released.

"We just placed the order, and they said it would be here before the end of the year," said Gary Marker of Eve's Lingerie and Adult Novelties in Bloomington. "There is going to be a big turnout for this one. We already get 20 to 25 calls a day asking about it."

A film crew from Shane Enterprises in Van Nuys, Calif., used several students in taping during a visit to IU in early October for Shane's World No. 32: Campus Invasion.

University officials ordered a police investigation Oct. 23 after receiving a complaint from a resident manager.

Administrators accused the company, the same one involved in a similar case at Arizona State University, of exploiting students for financial gain and sent a letter warning that they would file charges if any laws had been broken.

Shane Enterprises spokeswoman and actress Calli Cox said all of the students in the video were at least 18 and had signed modeling releases. The movie is scheduled for release next week, Cox said.

IU officials will view the finished movie before determining what steps to take.

IU officials were concerned the film could damage the college's reputation. The school was named the nation's No. 1 party school earlier this year by the Princeton Review.

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